Season1 Video

Season 1 – Episode 13

Following on from last weeks introduction to the Lolux project, this we we fast forward to current day and see the car in the final stages of paint. Rob also gives viewers a rundown on how far the mechanicals of the Lolux have come including the twin turbo V6 engine and massive brakes. More »

Season 1 – Episode 12

This is the second part of the two episodes displaying what OzGarage could be with a real budget and production team.
More »

Season 1 – Episode 11

This weeks episode of Oz Garage represents the future…

Our obsession is to create an Australian car show like no other, given a real budget and production team this is just a taste of what Oz Garage could be. More »

Season 1 – Episode 10

98 Octane, Ethanol, E10…. all words which we are hearing more and more both in the news and on TV and also by customers wanting the best performance out of their car.

With this we have decided to answer the questions with knowledge by testing a variety of different fuels back to back on the dyno. The results are definitely interesting and may change both the performance car industry and even the environment in the future. More »

Season 1 – Episode 9

For those Holden fans with seared eye balls from Episode 8 we have some welcomed relief with coverage of HPF at the LS1 Drag Nationals.

Follow the build of Tims VY Ute as we put together a package for his car to better his 9.8 second time slip. In go the tubs and a 402 cube iron blocked motor and out it goes to the track. More »

Season 1 – Episode 8

HPF are back this week with an episode that will definitely appeal to the Ford fans, a feature on upgrading the new FG Falcon both in turbo and V8 forms.

First up we cover a custom dyno tune on an FG XR6 Turbo, then take it out on the street to see have it drives once the true power has been unleashed. More »

Season 1 – Episode 7

See something a little different this week as the boys head up to Sydney to compete in the SACHS Masters challenge where the best mechanical teams from around the country go head to head to determine Australias best.

Also, Rob gives us a roundup of the status of some of the longer term projects around the Horsepower Factory including MRPSI, the XR8 ute and the Lolux project. More »

Season 1 – Episode 6

Here’s one for the Chrysler boys, or anyone interested in superchargers!

See our progress on Daniels 426 cube, Whipple Supercharged SRT8 as it gets the Motec system fitted and tuned. See it on the road at the Chryslers on the Murray car show. More »

Season 1 – Episode 5

An episode full of the tech stuff that everyone requests!

See HPF go through the process of fitting a head and cam power upgrade package to a customers VE SS Sportswagon. From fitting the cam to seeing how it goes out on the street, you’ll see the whole thing. More »

Season 1 – Episode 4

The episode many have been waiting for!

Come on a ride with HPF as they head up to Canberra for the rev head fest Summernats 22. Watch Rob punish the XR8 ute in the burnout competition and see MRPSI doing what it does best on the dyno in the Horsepower Hero competition. More »

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